Closings and Safety Drills

Inclement weather poses problems for parents and school personnel alike. All announcements regarding school cancellations, late openings, or early dismissals will be broadcast over local radio and TV stations. These stations are:
WTIC (AM-1080/FM-96.5) WDRC (AM-1360/FM-102.9) WCTY (FM-97.7)
WICH (AM-1310 WNLC (AM-1510) WTDY (FM-100.9)
WILI (AM-1400/FM98.3) Channel 3 (WFSB)
Channel 8 (WTNH) Challen 30 (WVIT)

In the event of an emergency closing after the school day has begun, it is the responsibility of all parents (including working parents) to have made and shared an appropriate dismissal plan for their child which should include the name of the person(s) picking up your child or bus and student destination. On the morning of predicted stormy weather, please remind your child where they should go in the event school closes early. All parents are expected to complete the Emergency Form at the beginning of the school year, which details parent early dismissal plans. In the event of early dismissal due to inclement weather or an unforseen emergency, announcements can be found on radio and television stations. If there is a delayed opening, the school day will start 2 hours later. Students should be dropped off no earlier than 10:20 AM ( 15 minutes before school begins).

NOTE: When school is cancelled or closes early due to weather or emergency, ALL AFTERNOON AND EVENING EVENTS ARE CANCELLED.

In accordance with state law, fire drills are held ten times a year to prepare all students and staff to leave the building as quickly as possible should any possible emergency arise. ABSOLUTE SILENCE is maintained at all times in leaving the building to prevent confusion. Teachers accompany their students out of the building according to a plan. Pupils proceed in orderly lines, and after moving a safe distance from the building, turn and face away from the school. During a fire drill, all students, staff and visitors leave the building and all are accounted for.
In addition, an all school lockdown drill will be performed twice a year for the same reasons indicated above.