Math Specialist

Deanna Murray
[email protected]

Math Interventionist

Tammy Rogers
[email protected]

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Math Lab

The entire CES Math Lab welcomes you. Pictured left to right are Mrs. Dander, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Mancuso, Mrs. Galante and Mrs. Jascenia.

Our Specialists, along with our Paraprofessionals, provide all students with opportunities to further their math practice at their level. Daily support is provided in every classroom. During this time, students work in small groups or one-to-one with their teachers and also with Math Lab staff members. Students work on math tasks that are differentiated to meet their needs. Math Lab supports teachers in their instructions with enriching lessons, games, and instructional best practices. 

Additionally, some students work with Math Lab staff on specific goals designed by the classroom teacher, the Math Specialist, and Intervention Teacher. Together we monitor progress, analyze results, and adjust the instruction and support for each individual student. We communicate with families and hope to include them in our students' mathematical journey.

Please feel free to reach out to us at the email addresses above if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you.

Informational Math Slides

Kindergarten end of year expectations

Grade 1 end of year expectations

Grade 2 end of year expectations

Watch math specialist Graham Fletcher explain a progression of learning from early number sense and counting to addition and subtraction. Below you will find a visual explanation of how we instruct our mathematicians within these domains and how they build into the later elementary years.

The Progression of Early Number and Counting

The Progression of Addition and Subtraction


Ways to practice math with technology

Bedtime Math - fun, enriching, real life story problems to solve together

Figure This! - math challenges for families in English and Spanish

Which One Doesn't Belong - fun conversations for families

XtraMath - fact fluency