Language Arts

Reading Specialist/Coach

Erin Hermann
[email protected]

Reading Specialists/Developmental Teachers

Kathy Sheehan
[email protected]

Susan Tuohy
[email protected]

literacy lab


Reading Lab
Our team includes Literacy Specialist Erin Hermann, Developmental Teachers Kathy Sheehan and Susan Tuohy, along with Literacy Paraprofessionals Kristen Collins, Karen Guinness, Nancy O’Neil, Lura Rafala, and Doreen Santafianos. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

We are enthusiastic about guiding our young learners on their journey to become the best readers they can be!  As a team, we support our kindergarten, first, and second-grade students in their classrooms during their small group reading time. We offer teachers support as they group students, plan instruction and monitor student progress.

In addition to helping implement reading instruction in classrooms, we also deliver instruction to students who need extra reading support. In the lab, we pull small groups of students to explicitly teach foundational skills. We monitor progress and analyze data to create individualized instruction to target student needs. Our goal is to build reading skills, boost confidence and encourage a love for reading.


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