Request for Kindergarten Waiver

Kindergarten Waiver

Connecticut lawmakers passed a new law that changed the age requirements for kindergarten.  Starting next year, the 2024-2025 school year, children will need to be five by September 1st. While we know that this may cause a hardship for some families, we ultimately agree that this is beneficial for students’ developmental progression and brings our state more in-line with the cutoff dates around the country.  

If your child does not meet the new entry cutoff date, they may still be admitted into kindergarten upon (1) a written request from the parent or guardian that is sent to the principal or assistant principal, (2) completion of the Kindergarten Waiver Request Form, and (3) an assessment completed by the school that determines admitting the child to kindergarten would be developmentally appropriate. We will utilize The Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning, Fourth Edition (DIAL-4).   We will be assessing children in the areas of motor concepts, language, self-help, and social-emotional skills, observation of the child in their current preschool/daycare setting, and input from the child’s parents and current teacher(s). 

Please complete the following google form to provide us with additional information about your child.  Please select a date to have your child assessed. The deadline to submit a waiver request is March 1, 2024.