September 3, 2021

Dear CES Families,

We have enjoyed welcoming our students to CES this fall! We hope that everyone had a smooth transition and wonderful first two days of school.

Morning drop-off begins promptly at 8:20. Kindergarten through grade 2 students should be dropped off at the back of the school between 8:20 and 8:35. If you are dropping off a preschool student and a student in grades k-2, your older child(ren) should enter the building through the main office. Please do not use the bus lane or door. Parents who are walking their child(ren) to school need to drop them off in the front office.  Please do not walk in the bus lane.  Please use the crosswalks. If you are picking up a PM preschool student and have another child(ren) in grades k-2, you can pick up the older child(ren) in the office at the end of the day. 

Preschool hours are as follows: AM session 8:35-11:05 and PM session 12:40-3:10 with staggered drop-off and pick-up times. 

Thanks to State funding, breakfast and lunch are free again this year.  You can view the menu on our website at  Click on the “Breakfast/Lunch Menus” tab on the left side. Please discuss with your child(ren) each morning if they should be getting breakfast and/or lunch. This will help our teachers to get an accurate breakfast and lunch count each day.    

Buses will take more time to bring your children home during these first few weeks of school.  We promise it will get quicker.  Thank you in advance for your patience.  Safety is always our priority, so we are checking every kindergarten student’s transportation tag and this takes time.  If you have any concerns about the posted routes, please call M & J Bus Company (860)537-2622 or our office (860)537-0717 for additional information.

For information about policies, schedules, and events at CES, please see our website at  Our handbook is available online for your reference. The Digital Backpack is a weekly communication from our schools to parents and guardians via an emailed link. If you prefer a paper copy or do not have Internet access, you may fill out a form in our main office to update your distribution preference.   

Our office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We encourage you to come in or contact us at any time during these hours if you need assistance with anything related to this packet for the upcoming school year.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of growth and learning!




Judy H. O'Meara.                 Meghan B. Amado           

Busing (K-2):

  • All students and bus drivers will wear masks for the entire ride. 

  • We ask that children refrain from using scented hand sanitizer on buses due to allergies.

  • Cleaning procedures will be in place between bus runs.

  • Students will continue to sit in assigned seats, given to them by the bus driver. 

Arrival (K-2):

  • Drop-off for buses and for parent drop-off begins at 8:20.

  • Parent drop-off in the back of the school: 

    • Parents of Kindergarten through Second Grade students will use the William J. Johnston Middle School, Norwich Avenue entrance to our parking lot near the cafeteria and playground. 

    • Drop off begins at 8:20 and ends at 8:35.  Please do not leave your child when staff is not there.  

    • Please look for the orange cones, large yellow signs, and staff. This  designates the drop off area and will help guide and ensure everyones’ safety.   

    • Once students have been released into the safe unloading area, cars can exit the parking lot through the William J. Johnston exit on Norwich Avenue.  Please do not allow your child to get out of the vehicle before you reach the designated area as this is very dangerous. 

    • Please have your child exit from the passenger’s side of the vehicle in an expeditious manner. To streamline, we ask that students be prepared to disembark quickly and efficiently which will create a much safer process and eliminate traffic backup.

    • All students will enter the playground and go through specific doors (by grade level)  to enter the building.  The doors will be propped open to limit having each student touch the door.  

    • Kindergarten students will enter through the cafeteria door, 1st graders will enter through the doors into the first grade hallway, and 2nd graders will enter the door by the stairs and go directly upstairs. There will be signs and staff to direct students.  (See attached Map)

Dismissal (K-2):

  • We will begin dismissal for buses and parent pick-up at 3:15. 

  • Parent pick-up will take place in the back of the school (entering near the cafeteria and gym).  

    • Students in second grade will sit in the gym separated by classroom.

    • Students in first grade and kindergarten will sit in the cafeteria separated by classroom.

    • Parents/guardians will stand with masks on in a line outside of the back doors. 

    • Parents/guardians will sign students out and show their ID. Students will be called in their area and brought to their parents.


Parents dropping off and picking up may park in the parking lot located directly outside the CECP wing.  Preschool drop off and pick up times will be staggered to allow for a more quiet and calm transition into the building. The locations and times for Pre-School drop-off and pick-up are as follows:


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