April 23, 2021

Dear CES Families,

During the month of April we will celebrate Autism Awareness Month. Please have your child wear blue on Thursday, April 1st in recognition of Autism Awareness. Mrs. Dei (Special Education Teacher) will be reading the book: All My Stripes by Shaina Rudolph and Danielle Royer on Thursday April 1st during morning announcements. The story is about an elementary aged zebra with autism who fears that his differences will make him stand out from other children. Zane the zebra learns that autism is only ONE of his amazing qualities that make him special. The story helps children to understand, embrace, and accept differences. It also reminds us that everyone is unique and has their own individual amazing colorful stripes to offer to the world. At CES students will color and create their own zebra highlighting their own individual amazing stripes and will write about their favorite individual stripe.  We will then create a bulletin board that showcases individuality through colorful puzzle pieces to showcase that we are all unique pieces of a puzzle that can fit together. 

Autism Awareness logo

We will also continue to support our Cardinals through mindfulness videos created by fellow students and practice using The Zone of Regulation.  With the Zones of Regulation, children are able to identify which zone they are in by thinking about how they are feeling. They are then able to use strategies to get them back to the green zone where they are able to learn and participate in activities. Our staff uses visuals of the 4 zones to help students as they process their feelings.  

One of our second graders used her innovative thinking skills to design a Pet Drive and collect items for dogs and cats to donate to the CT Humane Society. The student, Kendall, and her Pet Drive will be featured on the morning messages to discuss and provide details about the pet drive. We will collect items from March 30th-April 8th. We will place the items by the Giving Tree as they are collected. The classes that collect the most items in each grade level will receive a prize donated by the student who organized the drive. 

The donations will be picked up after school on April 8th. The goal is to collect the 100 items.  If we are able to collect 100 items, we will have “Bring your stuffed animal to school day" on Friday, April 9th.  More information will be sent to parents through Digital Backpack this week and through a SchoolMessenger email. 

We are very excited to share that Mrs. Amado will be welcoming her first child into the world in April, and she will be home with her baby after April break. Miss Groves will continue the morning announcements for us.  We cannot wait to meet Baby Amado!  

As always, thank you for your continued support and teamwork. We are very lucky to be part of such a collaborative community.  


Judy O’Meara, Principal

Meghan Amado, Assistant Principal

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